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Scribbling Connoisseur

Guiness world record holding caricaturist Paul Slattery will take you through a number of enjoyable exercises that will help you achieve the desired results.

The three night workshops, married with the Fishermans Lodge cuisine gives you the artistic culinary experience other restaurants’ can only dream of. With Paul’s guidance you will learn the drawing fundamentals’, seeing and experiencing the fun element of drawing caricatures. The study of proportions of the human head, “tricks of the trade” giving you unbelievable caricature results.

Paul will give you the insights of a true professional caricaturist.

What’s it all about?

Launch of the "Scribbling Connoisseurs" at the Fishermans Lodge was a successful event, October 2010, so much so, Paul has been working with a number of establishments to work out suitable Scribbling Connoisseurs courses in the New Year 2016.... Watch this space !